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Manchester Community Resource Center
Skills Training & Employment Program


Skills Training & Employment Program's goal is to enable immigrants, refugees and other individuals with language and/or cultural barriers to obtain and retain gainful employment, develop knowledge of available support services, establish community connectivity, reduce/eliminate dependency on public assistance and improve quality of life. However, in order to join STEP one must be referred by the New Hampshire Employment Program (NHEP).


STEP aids refugees, immigrants, and others with  language  and/or cultural barriers to employment. They often do not easily  have access to community support  services, lack work related skills, and  the confidence that could prepare  them to enter gainful employment  and ultimately reduce dependency on  public assistance.


Our successful approach is to combine tiered classroom-based lessons with hands-on practical activities, the participants of MCRC’s STEP program learn and practice the skills needed to obtain and maintain their personal goals.

Classroom-Based Training:

  • Provides instructor-led lessons presented in an interactive learning environment, adapted to the varied academic and English-proficiency levels of the participants.
  • Multimedia presentation formats address the different learning styles of the adult students and present lessons in a way to hold interest and add a creative flair to even the most basic lesson.
  • The 16-week rotation provides a new topic of learning each week to enable open-entry/open-exit in our STEP program.
  • Topics include the necessary soft skills and technical skills required for most entry-level positions.                              

                              For example:

  • Work Ethics and Workplace Behavior
  • Time Management & Organizational Skills
  • Workplace Vocabulary & Communicating in the Workplace
  • TANF Benefits, Transitioning to Work, Financial Literacy
  • Computer Literacy & Keyboarding
  • Appearance, Attitude, & Motivation at Work
  • Job Search & Interviewing
  • Overcoming Barriers & Balancing Work & Home

Worksite Simulation:

Provides hands-on work activities, facilitated and guided by instructors, presented at off-site employer workplaces and in an on-site work simulation environment.



Through these experiences, participants:

  • Practice the skills learned in the classroom;
  • Encounter and solve real-life workplace problems and issues;
  • Practice using and maintaining actual workplace tools and equipment;
  • Participate in and demonstrate teamwork skills;
  • Learn to follow written and verbal directions;
  • Develop a sense of work pride and responsibility.


Off-Site Employer Workplaces:

MCRC provides a variety of off-site employer workplaces for the STEP participants to experience differences in workplace cultures, varying job duties, and integrating with a diverse workforce. Participants are also instructed in utilizing public transportation to get to and from the worksites.

  • Commercial Laundries-Participants practice tasks in a full-service laundry environment such as folding linens, packaging clothing and linens, loading & unloading dry-cleaning machines.
  • Supermarkets-Participants practice tasks such as stocking shelves, pricing merchandise, and general cleaning.
  • Manufacturing Companies-Participants practice a variety of production tasks such as hand assembly, packing, and light machine operation. 
  • Hospitality Industries-Participants practice a variety of tasks associated with the hospitality industry such as food service and housekeeping.
  • Non-profits & Community-Based Agencies-Participants practice a variety of tasks associated with commercial cleaning, basic maintenance, and landscaping/yard work.